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We began ESSG in 2005 with a simple goal: to increase value and alleviate the stress of running your business. We were founded in 2005 around a kitchen table, by an ex-labor law attorney, a financial banker, and a business development expert. With their combined strengths and knowledge they were able to identify and develop a unique, all-inclusive solution to the most persistent problems in employment and workforce management.

Ours is a new way of providing the best “back office” business services, founded on a groundbreaking model that truly helps employers who are struggling with the costs and time-consuming operational tasks that come with running and managing a team of employees. We saw how we could deliver an innovative and comprehensive human resource service to reduce the risk and vicarious liabilities common for business owners.

Currently, our business operates entirely on referrals. That’s the groundwork we’ve built, by consistently providing our partners with a variety of crucial “back office” services and expertise. Today, our workforce solutions ranges from payroll administration to Compliance, HR & Legal, and even HR & Recruiting Software.

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